Firefox benchmark on Linux and M$

Went through this article in

Benchmarked: Firefox Javascript on Linux and Windows - and it’s not pretty | TuxRadar

And then here:

Browser benchmarks 2: even Wine beats Linux Firefox | TuxRadar

Some interesting facts.

Too technical for me to understand man. What does it all mean in a few sentences?

It took a long time to load first page, but worth it just to read first paragraph or so…

As you might have guessed from our domain name,, we’re big fans of Linux. But being a fan of Linux doesn’t necessarily make you a Linux fanboy - the kind of person who blindly ignores anything negative about their passion of choice as if that somehow made it better.

In fact, we think more Linux users need to admit there are some places where Linux isn’t quite as good as its competitors.

Good advice for any linux/opensuse fanboys in the forum. Of course cough, cough not here…lol!

Firefox 3 is faster on Windows XP than on Fedora Linux, and Firefox 3 is faster running under Wine on Fedora Linux.

The pictures are easier, didn’t bother with tables. lol! Hope that helps.

Not completely true it means javascript operations are quicker, V8 Benchmark Suite

My initial concern was this was outdated but I see the same I’m getting 176 in Linux FF and 317 in wine FF. Presently compiling an optimised FF but personally I’m not sure I’ll see much difference. As I think this is more related to javascript on linux I may see if there is any differences vs openjdk.

I’m being owned by wine just got the latest 3.5 as the other was beta 4 now upto 407.

Well he wanted the aussie version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you running it on Fedora 10?

Hehe you know I’m not :wink:

Well tried a pgo optimised build and that has taken me to 266 so I guess that rules out java implementations.

To be fair people can only create there own benchmarks its more like testing gasoline rather than the car. But I’m definetly seeing an improvement in a PGO optimised build and still a better benchmark using wine.

I did the Sun Spider recently in the forum, just did it again and:

V8 = 221

Both on my Laptop FF3.5

I did the Sun in Seamonkey…cough…cough
Gave up waiting for it!

Thanks. I guess I should turn to wine.


Well that is intriguing and sort of proves the point so what exactly are we measuring with google v8? Running sunspider wine and ff is destroyed by a PGO build of linux FF
wine ff = 1128
PGO build = 2519

For the curious and haven’t got a clue what is needed for Suse(I see some mention of diff files) but it is swiftweasel.

Source here Index of /swiftweasel/swiftweasel-35/3.5.1-tar.gz/ but not sure how you go about the PGO stuff.

I don’t understand all those benchmarks and gobbldeygook stuff, but I can say that Firefox (3011) takes nearly 6 seconds to start up cold, uses a lot of resources, and also takes about 4 seconds to close on my machine!

Plus if I leave it running for a few days it randomly locks up my entire KDE 4.2 desktop when I right click on a page.

Very odd behaviour

Seamonkey is also a bit disabled, when I right click to save a picture, it takes over 10 seconds to complete the operation. Although this is fixed in 11.2 m2.

Konqueror works the fastest of all, but won’t play any media and gives me “fatal error” messages every few pages. I just ignore them and keep going to avoid having to click on OK boxes.

I noticed that my dual core is hotter (5 degrees at least) using firefox (3.5) than using konqueror in the same pages. Also, firefox needs a lot of time to load, every now and then freeze for some seconds and it is slow most of the time, not to mention when it try to eat (successfully!) all the system resources.
I don’t see any instability on konqueror 4.2.4. It fails with heavy flash sites, I know, but otherwise it works perfectly. I can see not only youtube but also the bbc videos and all other media I tried. Did you install kmplayer plugin for konqueror?
I’m a happy konqueror user right now.

Thanks for the suggestion RGBsuse, it is already installed. I get this error when loading pages -

A Fatal Error Occurred
The application nspluginviewer (nspluginviewer) crashed and caused the signal 8 (SIGFPE).
Please help us improve the software you use by filing a report at]( Useful details include how to reproduce the error, documents that were loaded, etc.

Sad really because konqueror has a lot of potential advantages over FF in my opinion and usage requirements.

Isn’t Konqueror just faster because it preloads stuff in memory?? I think that can be turned off, but it’s on by default.

@growbag: Are you using 32 bits flash? I downloaded the 64 bits plugin from here:
Adobe Labs - Downloads: Flash Player 10
unpacked it to a folder and told konqueror to search plugins on that folder.
Rock solid.
@consused: I have this option disabled, and konqueror is still faster… :wink:

Hah! This is final proof that LinSUX is a WASTE OF TIME and all LinSUX users are teh GHEY!!!1
Our other box is your Windows box. Now go away.

Love their sense of humor.

I can’t say I am noticing much of a difference so I don’t care. Not that much of a speed freak!

The good news is that google-chrome is as fast on Windows box as on linux box :slight_smile: So i guess it’s the developer teams difference :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it but still no go :(. I’ll be quiet now so I don’t get shouted at for hijacking the thread :).

I was hoping someone would confirm that, so perhaps you could elaborate on faster doing what?

Start-up, loading pages and not freezing every now and then. :wink:
But I don’t browse “difficult sites” with heavy javascript or ajax or flash or those things (my Internet needs are quite simple), so maybe it depends on the use.