Firefox become really limited in my 12.3 KDE Sytem

Hello openSUSE community!

I’ve just migrated from Windows to Linux and openSUSE was my choice after looking at several distros and trying them on VirtualBox. I’m already familiar with style, markup and I’m digging into code languages like JavaScript and Python right now. For those reasons I’ve decided to re-install my 12.3 System with the HTTP Server, that comes with MySQL, and the development packages for Web design and several languages.

After that I had some hard time with multimedia that seems to be OK now. Thanks to posts that I’ve found here. But one remains.

I’m able to browse with Chromium and Konqueror but Firefox just access pages like *, It seems that just URIs registered in my system are allowed. Any clue?

Have other issues too, like can’t watch .webm files online, e.g. Coursera. Log in is needed, and worth. But the FF one is the most annoying.


I’m not sure I understand that.

As installed, the bookmarks toolbar comes preloaded with suse, news, etc. But you can add your own bookmarks.

I normally have the bookmarks toolbar turned off. For the moment (while posting this), I have turned it on. The right-most item on the bookmarks toolbar is called “Bookmarks”, and that’s where your own bookmarks would normally be saved. If I click on that, there’s an option to bookmark the current page. And, of course, you can type in your own url.

As far as I know, firefox in Windows is only slightly different from firefox in linux. Most of the same stuff should work.

I guess I am puzzled about what you are doing that you are having problems with firefox.

FF: did you play around with apparmor, defined a profile for FF? Sometimes these profiles can cause this behaviour.
Webm: you may need to install the vlc FF plugin to watch webm in FF. Did you install VLC and vlc FF plugin?
You should be informed by now about the restricted formats in openSUSE and the need to tune them with separate installs in packaman. This is also true for VLC from packman now. Install also libdvdcss if not done already in case you intend to watch some dvd.

Hello folks!

By FF I meant Firefox. And yes, I did Installed VLC. I followed a tutorial that is available here on “one click multimedia install” or some title really similar to it. I’ll check if I’ve installed the files that you’ve mentioned.

Yes, there isn’t any major difference in Firefox regarding platforms, and I bookmarks can’t be he problem here.

Can someone how to make this code work?

cd ~/.mozillafind . -name '*.sqlite'  -exec sqlite3 '{}' 'VACUUM;'

It return this:

find . missing argument to `-exec'

Thank you for trying.

I’ll assume that the command was really two commands on separate lines that somehow were joined in the post.

The “find” command needs a “;” at the end of the “-exec” clause, as in:

find  . -name '*.sqlite' -exec sqlite3 '{}' 'VACUUM;' \;

I’m not sure if that is what causes the error you are seeing.


Solved. It was the time zone. Change it from Digital Clock Settings didn’t work. I had to re-install/upgrade from DVD and choose UTC. If someone has the idea, set local time during installation. Forget it. Change manually after doing it. Actually it’s cool. Now I have both local (BRT) and UTC time together,

Thank you everyone.