Firefox Asks if I Want to Save Banner Ads

For the past few weeks, several times a day, I will navigate to various web pages, and after the ads load, Firefox asks me if I want to save the ads on my Desktop.

I have never seen this happen until recently. What changed? I’m not aware of changing any settings myself, it just started happening in the last few months.

Anyone have a workaround for this mildly annoying problem? Thanks in advance.

Not getting this myself. Are you using adblock?

Did you try a new .mozilla
this will at least establish if the issue is related to user settings

A new .mozilla? Sorry, but I’m not not following what you’re saying here.

I thought maybe this same thing might be happening to other people too, but evidently not. The problem comes and goes, but usually happens at least several times day. I believe some of these ads are Google Ads.

I’m using a CDMA wireless broadband modem, and the only change I have made from default settings is that I have IPV6 disabled in my network settings.

Suggesting a rename of the hidden folder to reset to defaults.

In your /home/foresthill (if that’s your user name) view hidden files, renamr the .mozilla folder to .mozilla_old

Now start FF
All your old settings, bookmarks etc… are in the _old folder so don’t panic
Just see if the issue remains with the vanilla FF

It’s a brand new install, less that 24 hours old. I will definitely try that and see what happens. Thanks!

It’s a brand new install, less that 24 hours old
That didn’t come across, as you said:
For the past few weeks, several times a day…
So are we to take it that this is a new /home too?
Make sure you are fully updated too.

that’s a very weird problem, ads popping up to save them O.o
never seen such things. Have you tried mainstream firefox and not the openSUSE one?


I have a six month old install on my desktop system that does this, and also a day-old install on my notebook that also does it.

That still does not tell us if you are running vanilla FF. Nothing added!. Just as it comes!
Re-name of .mozilla will do that.

This happens some time, if PHP is not configured correctly on the server, which you are accessing. But maybe this one is not related to that configuration error.
Caf, I think He didn’t understand what we want him to do.
Let make the things more simple for you:
1- Close your FF browser.
2- Go to your home directory.
3- Click on View in the menu bar and check “Show hidden files”.
4- Now change folder .mozilla to .mozilla_old.
5- And start FF NOW.

Try it and lets us know.

No, I understood, and I made the change last night and am waiting to see if the problem reappears, which it has not so far. I was just curious why the need to create a new .mozilla folder on an installation that was only a day old, where no changes had been made yet.

I’m assuming the problem is most likely not on my end, but I was mostly just curious if this same thing happens to anyone else and what the cause of it might be.

Did you start with a New (formatted) /home during setup/partitioning or was it from a previous install?

Yes, I did.

So far, the problem has not happened yet after 24 hours or so since I renamed the mozilla folder.

I now suspect that the problem might be a result of me scroling down while the web page loads, being misinterpreted as a right or left click or as some keyboard shortcut combo. It seems like when the problem happens, it’s usually while I’m scrolling down a page.

So no solutions and no one else experiencing this problem? Weird that it’s only happening to me, and kind scary actually.

You are not alone. I have had the same behavior numerous times. I just put it down to the Latency prone Satellite Internet connection that I had for several years. I notice now that I am reduced to Dialup I do not see it happening. I do not think it is anything to worry about whatever the cause, just reload the page after clicking no to the D/L.

Thanks Matt. I figured if it was happening to me, it had to be happening to other people, because these are brand new fresh installs with no modifications that this is happening on.

And if it wssn’t happening to anyone else, then it would likely have to be some sort of security issue.

FWIW, I’m on a mobile “broadband” (lol) connection, so latentcy issues would probably explain what’s going on. Thanks again Matt! :slight_smile: