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I am new to this so don’t be surprised if this sounds like a dumb question so be gentle. When I click on a PDF file in Firefox it either asks me to choose an application or it opens in GIMP which works, but I’d really rather use Okular (or some such program). I don’t know how to either a) add Okular to the list of applications to select in the preferences menu, or b) choose Okular from the ‘choose applications’ dialog box. I think this might simply be a question of being able to locate the path of the program.
Incidentally, program files in Linux are obviously not .exe files. What is the file extension for these programs … I did mention I’m new to Linux, so go easy on me.

Find a .pdf file in your personal files
Right click it and select properties
See the little Spanner icon - Click it

Now in that box it will show a section ‘Application Pref Order’
Is Okular in the list? If Yes highlight it and move it to the top of the list with the Move Buttons

If Okular is not in the list, click add and fetch it from the menu
Make sure Okular is at the top of the list and Apply.

Incidentally, program files in Linux are obviously not .exe files. What is the file extension for these programs … I did mention I’m new to Linux, so go easy on me.

Applications are or have the extension .rpm = (red hat package manager)

You can install and remove applications in Yast - Software Management

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. So I did as you asked and Okular is at the top of the list. If I choose a PDF from a file folder (from Dolphin) it will open in Okular. My problem is with Firefox not doing this as well. Incidentally it does work in Konqueror.
When I am in Firefox and I click a link to download a .DOC file, it downloads and opens in Open Office. I wanted to get the same response from PDF files. Within Firefox when I click Edit->Preferences then choose the applications tab and choose PDF document I can then choose to “Always Ask”, “Save File” or from a list of applications including GIMP or a couple of other applications that I thought were Okular and KPDF (they weren’t), or choose another application.
Clicking “Use Other” brings up a file folder to choose an application to associate with the PDF files. I don’t know where to locate the Okular application.
From your previous description I found that after clicking the wrench box in the properties dialog box and choosing an application from the following “Application Preference Order” you can then choose Edit. This shows the location of ‘okularApplication_pdf’. Unfortunately it appears that this is not the application because when it is chosen in the Firefox Preferences, Okular does not get opened.
Sorry to be so verbose, but it appears that I am still stumped for the moment. I do appreciate all the help offered on these Forums. You folks are great!

In FFox go to Edit - Preferences
In the top search type: pdf
In the drop box select ‘use other’

In the file directory that pops up
You need to navigate back in the directory to get to /usr/bin
and in there select okular

N.B. It takes a while for the file list in /bin to populate
so you should end up at /usr/bin/okular](

That’s it … it’s in bin. It all works now. You have been fantastic help. Thank you so much! I use PDFs so much I would be lost without your help. I really appreciate it.

You are most welcome. Enjoy openSUSE;)