Firefox and Vimeo compatibility

This evening I wanted to listen to a live-stream podcast on my laptop which, it turned out, was a Vimeo video. I puzzled why the video wouldn’t start and remembered that this always seemed to be the case with Vimeos. It worked on my Android my smart-phone, so I surmised that the problem could be an incompatibility with my Firefox installation (78.6.1esr (64-bit) on Leap 15.2) on my laptop. With the Chrome browser on my laptop it worked. Is this a know problem with Firefox?

I’m pretty sure that vimeo videos work here. It probably depends on whether you have installed suitable unrestricted mulitimedia libraries from the packman repo.

If you have the url for a specific video, I can test that here to see if it works for me.

I certainly have the Packman repo activated, but what library specifically would I have to download to be sure Firefox works with Vimeo?

I do not know what you mean with the word “activated”. You need to add the Packman repo to your repo list (using zypper or or YaST > Software > Repository Management) and then you need to use it. Normally it is enough to do the “Vendor switch to Packman”.


zypper dup --from <the #, alias or name of the Packman repo as it is on your installation>

Or Yast > Software > Software Management; choose from the View menu at left the Repositories view; select Pakman in the list; now at right, above the list of packages you see a text like “Switch system packages to …”; click on the underlined part and then Go …

After that test if your problem is solved. When yes: Hurray. When no, come back here.

I mean only that Packman is in my Yast Repo List, is ‘enabled’ and gets ‘autorefreshed’. But I am not sure how easily to check which packages are coming from Packman. (I use VLC occasionally and that was my reason for adding Packman in the past, but that is apparently not strictly needed now since VLC is packaged with Leap 15.2). If I made any vendor change to Packman it was back in summer 2020 when I installed Leap 15.2?.

So my question would be: what packages should I take from Packman to make Vimeo work with Firefox? The Chrome browser is apparently not packaged with Leap 15.

When you are not sure you did the switch, then do it now!

That did the trick. Many thanks!