Firefox and Thunderbird use Gnome instead of KDE

I have openSuse 11.1 gnome installed and switched to kde4.2. My Firefox and Thunderbird now still use gnome for their menus and the saving dialog. How can I change this? FF v3.0.4 TB v2.0.0.19

Firefox and Thunderbird are built with the GTK toolkit, the same toolkit Gnome is built with, so they both use GTK dialogues. Try running Gimp under KDE and you’ll see the same thing.

This is the nature of having applications built with different toolkits.

There are some things that can be done to make Firefox sort of a bit integrated in to KDE. See how to integrate Firefox into KDE - 1
or put “firefox kde” in to Google for more.

Also you may want to install available updates as openSUSE has Firefox 3.0.6 now.

too bad. I dont want just the look, I want the save dialog of kde.