firefox and thunderbird in panel ?

hello can anyone please tell me how to put the above to the panel ?
thank you.

I assume when you say panel you’re using KDE. If so then, unlock widgets (right click on desktop) open kicker menu go to the appropriate link, right click and ‘Add to panel’.

That’s interesting - I didn’t realize the right click ‘Add to panel’ option was there. Drag and drop from menu into panel also works, with the benefit that you can control the icon position in the panel without having to reposition after the fact.

Thanks for this info!!!

EDIT: But typical of the subtle changes KDE3 → KDE4, you can’t add a group (like System/Emulator) to the task bar. If you try to do so, it simply adds the first item in the “Emulator” submenu. In KDE3 I used to keep the entire File manager group in my task manager so I could choose default or root access file managers with equal ease… :frowning:

Try the QuickAcess Plasmoid. But don’t place it on the desktop, but instead place it on the panel. Point it to a directory of your choice that you have stuffed with Applications Links, symlinks to Applications Links, Shell Scripts, subfolders, or whatever.

ok thank you.

That only works if you want to add a shortcut to your main panel. I have a second panel for my applications which pops out from the left hand side of the screen. Trying to drag straight from the menu did not work for me. I also tried dragging to desktop, dragging that one to the panel, then deleting the desktop one, but having deleted the shortcut on the desktop the previously dragged one, on the panel, wouldn’t work.
So, to add applications to a secondary panel, you need to unlock widgets on that panel, right click on the launcher, open menu editor, find the app you want and drag it to the panel you want.