Firefox and Thunderbird do not recognize newly established network connection


I experience a problem where Firefox and Thunderbird (but no other programs) will not not recognize a newly established internet connection after it was lost. I have no proxy set. Chrome works flawlessly.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?


Maybe related to

Yes, me lol! only with firefox, I didn’t try with thunderbird

A workaround for Firefox being connected right after booting is presented here. Works for me. Obviously the problem occurs not only directly after boot.

Good to know its not just me…

3 months ago I’ve updated my main stationary PC from Leap 42.2 to Tumbleweed. Leap used Wicked service as default network setting for wired connection. It slowed down the boot time, but anyway, worked.
After update, which brought the Network manager as default I began experiencing the described problems. For wired connection it does not ask any password and do not trigger kwallet.

Reading the mentioned topic I’ve checked settings for default “Wired connection 1” and it is in ‘All users may connect to this network’ state by default.
Switching to Wicked resolved the problem with the price of some seconds during boot. But, as I understand, Wicked is no more under development.

This must be a widely reproduced bug, I wonder why it is not reported before…

+1, not using Thunderbird here.
I didn’t investigate further, just restarting Firefox when it occasionally happens (e.g. when walking from one WiFi access point to another).

The firefox “File” menu has a setting for “Work offline”. Maybe you just have to toggle that.