Firefox and medial playback works then stops.

Is anyone else having issues with media playback after last few updates in tumbleweed via firefox? Everything has been working great but after I updated about a week ago and again last night (11-7-21) firefox has strange issues playing media. The issue is firefox plays youtube and other video media just fine…for awhile then randomly it stops until you exit firefox and restart it. It’s random…as in it can happen an hour after a restart or a day. But, it seems like once it starts it happens more frequently which requires me to exit and restart the application. A total reboot seems to clear it up for longer but it always happens again within a few hours or a day. I’m not sure if it’s firefox or something else as when it happens, and without exiting firefox, I can open chrome or brave and the video plays just fine but who knows it might happen awhile in those two. Additionally I’ve noticed the chat section in rumble no longer works for me either as I can’t see the chats happening on a live video like I did before.

I see the same issue - 15.3 and Firefox 91.2.0 ESR.
Sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes 28 hours before video is just a frozen picture.

Do you plays some webgl game? Like TotalBattle?

Just the sites I visit - OpenSUSE Forum, ABC news, CNN news, MSNBC, Ebay, Local Newspaper, Local TV weather, You Tube, Google Mail, Duckdickgo, my Bank, Paypal, and Dilbert.

Sometimes I watch Pluto TV but not on a daily basis. I like Johnny Carson and This old House.

No games in the browser.

Error was repaired for me once I update Firefox to 94 version. Maybe it was thanks to GLX->EGL change? I am using Plasma5-Wayland. Can you test?