Firefox add-ons

Beaten-to-death not-fully-on-topic-topic, I know. But I often find that people have uncovered some obscure little gems, and it’s nice to share them every so often.

My personal favourite might well be Lazarus: Form recovery.

99% of the time you don’t even realise it’s there. When you do… Well, you’d buy it a pint if you could.

Anyone got any others?

I had some time a add-one for firefox to time how long being online per day…

I don’t like when my browser remembers form field entries, therefor I always disable this feature.

But to me Firefox is never complete without these installed: Webdeveloper, Firebux & Yslow.

I also used to have Adblock Plus & Noscript installed but after a while noticed that these were actually a pain instead of a help, my ideal alternative to Adblock is the adware blocking feature of OpenDNS and an alternative for Noscript: I don’t need it.

Lately I’d have to say the Evernote Web Clipper. I’ve recently signed up for Evernote and it’s a fantastic service! Even without a native Linux client the website + Web Clipper + IMAP is a great combination to keep track of interesting websites, ideas and notes.

Otherwise Zotero (bibliography/referencing tool) and Fission (integrates common status bar info into the address bar) are two more add-ons that I like. I find Go Up useful as well, coming from Konqueror it’s frustrating to lack a button to go up one level in a tree. Very useful when browsing sites like The alt-up keyboard shortcut works but, when using a mouse, having a button is nice.

i couldnt live (on t3h interwebs atleast) without adblock plus and foxmarks

the lastest one i found that i love is power twitter. it basically takes all the links in twitter and gives you a preview of it, displays pictures and videos of the links if they have it, give you a list of the persons last 10 tweets if you hover over their picture and has a few other features.

and of course my school has a couple sections on their site which they dont let you access unless youre using windows or mac (i dont know why). so user agent switcher is a life saver, casue firefox under linux is just as capable (if not more so) of displaying it than anything else.

Some things are best left unknown!


Earthmind - the advantage, perhaps, of something like Lazarus, is it gives you full control over what is remembered - ‘Clear private data’ will zap it if you want.

I also really like Brief for an RSS reader.

I’m having a lot of fun with greasemonkey recently.
Installed a script that allows danbooru galleries to have endless scrolling, basically everytime you’ve scroll near the end of the page it attaches more image tags/links so instead of pressing next page all the time you simply scroll down and it adds another batch of images.

Writing my own script atm which eases the use of the search features. Nowhere near complete and already nearing 1200 lines of code… oops :).

download status bar is kinda nice for not having a seperate download window.
Another though purely cosmetic addon I value is Compact Menu2 as I really have no use for the menubar 99% of the time and it uses op screenspace. More or less frees up the room lost to the developer toolbar.

But I guess my ‘share tip’ would be linky as it allows ‘open all selected links in tabs’ great for image galleries among other things.
Forgot the name of some other addon I used before that allowed me to save the images from all open tabs… but those used to make a great combination :wink:

My Favourite is “Fast Dial”.
I like having my frequently visited sites
(like this wonderful forum :wink: ),
right in front of me, when i open Firefox.

hehehe, thats why i don t have this add-one any more >:)

> Anyone got any others?

Oldbar…because FF3 bar is rubbish.

I have Adblock Plus, ServerSpy and ScribeFire (for blogging).

I also use the Classic Compact theme so the buttons and tabs along the top take up 50% of the space! Really handy on my 12.1" screen laptop at home!!

My favs


I install on each FF install:

AdBlock Plus

My Favs :

dragonbite wrote:
> I have…ServerSpy

“No results found.”

have fun

its a good replacement for IDM in linux ,
though not perfect its better that most GUI download manager in linux


My favorite addons are update scanner, Yet another smooth scrolling Download status bar and Flashblock.

Update scanner monitors web pages for updates, notifies if a page changed and hovers the changes so that it is possible to see what on the specific site has changed.

Yet another smooth scrolling does what the name says it adds a smoother scrolling to Firefox. But not only a smoother scrolling the main point why I use this addon the ability of different scrolling speeds when moving the mouse wheel faster or slower. This improves the navigation on a website.

Download status bar: as already mentioned by a previous user I also like not to have a separate download window and this offers exactly that behavior :slight_smile:

Flashblock prevents flash elements on a website and instead it displays a play button so that you can allow a specific flash application at any time and of course it offers a whitelist for websites. I like this one because it prevents the flash application even from downloading and has only a small influence on the user comfort. I recognized that most of the time flash is used for commercials on websites and so this also decreases the cpu usage for displaying useless flash web commercials :wink:

Have a lot of fun

Some really great tips here - I’m still working my way through.

Flashblock I knew about, but had never bothered to install - but it works really well, and unobtrusively.

Compact Menu 2 and Zotero are quite brilliant suggestions for what I use my Eee for. Download statusbar is nice too (and fastdial I had already).

Anyone used Hyperwords? Don’t bother with the toolbar, but the context menu is really handy (though it kinda tries to replace the normal context menu with itself - once you’ve bludgeoned that idea out of it, it’s good. :))

Guess the F11 key comes in handy on netbooks as well.

But I revisited this topic to ‘share’
measureit]( Very nice for developing websites, after clicking the icon on the statusbar you can draw a square over the screen and it shows the dimensions of the square (Very nice for figuring out how much padding you need to align something ;))

ColorZilla is cool to… but I can’t get it to work under openSUSE :frowning:
Has an eyedropper tool to select colors and can generate a pallete out of used colors on the page.