firefox about:preferences#privacy settings blocking gog website posting

about:preferences#privacy settings

I need to block all other site trackers, but main ‘’ website.

First, ‘Manage Exceptions’ will not function. I can’t add exceptions.

I have privacy badger enabled and sometimes use ghostry. I found that disabling PB doesn’t fix the problem. So, I found the privacy setting - standard. I thought this would fix the blocking the gog popup window posting.

I have ‘always send do not track’ signal turned on.

I used the shield on the link line to turn off the trackers. It still doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:

F12 on the popup windows yields console errors with trackers off. If you need that info, I can post the images.

I can post any info needed. I’ve been locked out for more than 2 years. GOG tech support can’t help.

I can’t post on general or specific forums, but other places I can. I’ve read that I’m not the only one with the problem.


Try to use Chromium-based browser.

Chromium is by google, a data hoarder. I won’t use and wouldn’t trust it. Any other browser available? I love firefox. I’v tried other browsers with no effect, including opera.

View page source is one I can do, any more?

Here is an image of the problem. (click on post button) I’ve turned off all add-ons and firefox tracking block, no effect. In older versions of firefox, I could post normally.

More info, I can post on wishlist and reply to my own posts with no problem.

Still blocked from making new posts. If anyone want to help, post here.

I can report the firefox bug through:

But, I have to make an username and password. My is head is full and I can’t do any more. Is there a direct contact email? Or someone from mozzila PM me here?

I’v been in contact with GOG admins. They are baffled by this. I’m out of ideas. I’m just going to be stuck with this bug and hope later someone fixes this bug at some point.

Thanks all.