Firefox 91+ Multimedia Issues

Hi - Leap 15.2 user here (KDE Plasma|Window Maker), on the 5.3.18-lp152.102-default kernel.

I have Firefox ESR 91 installed (91.3.0-lp152.2.2), and I can’t get most h264 videos or DRM content to play. No issues with Youtube videos, they play just fine.

I have ffmpeg-3, gstreamer and related codec files installed from packman ( All of the content in question plays well on FF ESR 78 (78.13.0-lp152.2.64.1). Other applications (Qutebrowser, mpv, Akregator, VLC) also all play the h264 videos without a problem.

I’ve followed the Video Troubleshooting guides from Mozilla, but nothing worked (

I also can’t get DRM to work in ESR 91 or later. I’ve tried enabling, disabling DRM in Settings, etc. As mentioned above, FF ESR 78 plays Amazon Music and other DRM content just fine. Otherwise, ESR 91 and all other versions of FF >= 91 that I’ve tried work just fine and as expected performance-wise, etc. No issues there.

I also tried installing FF 94, per the link below, but it didn’t fix the problem:

Haven’t tried forced reinstalls of packman codecs

Can provide inxi outout if it helps.


No issues here with Firefox 91.3.0esr on Leap 15.3.

  • I was tempted to suggest that, you could install Firefox 94 from the Leap 15.2 “mozilla” repository but, that build seems to be currently disabled