Firefox 90 - no data in about:support page

Firefox 90.0 displays no data in about:support system page, only blank tables. Firefox ESR 78.12.0esr works OK.
Bug filed: interface still is available via about:config settings.

Displays all tables OK here on FF 90.0.0

Edit: should add that I’m using FF from the mozilla repository (

Same repo.
Possibly I made too many tweaks with Webrender & others.

Create a test user on the system and confirm if user or system issue…

After reload OS about:support page looks OK.
Bug closed.

IMHO it is easier to create new user profile with FF.


Just reading the release notes for FF 90.0.1 …

You may have been seeing this bug:

Sure, but if something is funky with the user $HOME setup (customization etc), only way to find out is a clean slate so to speak.