FireFox 60+ for Suse Linux Enterprise 12 SP-2

  1. Where could I get FireFox 60+ for Suse Linux Enterprise 12 SP-2 ?
    This page does’t even have download option for SLE-12-SP3/SP2
    It just has experimental package “52.9.0.”
    Does it mean the SLE-12 is unsupported or deprecated ?
    In 52.9.0, some of latest AngularJS HTML/CSS are not working. Whereas same design is working in Windows FF-60.

  2. Will this Firefox global Linux setup download mismatch (or) unsupport any of its feature with our SLE-12 ?
    Is it worth trying it ?

I could not find any proper document or blog for this issue. If anything is available please share it to me.

People will tell you that these are openSUSE forums and SLES forums are at; but I’ll answer you anyway:

Firefox 60+ requires newer rust which in turn requires LLVM, which in turn requires newer gcc - I’m sure you see where this is going.

That being said, you can download the tar.gz version of Firefox, uncompress that and run it on SLE12 happily - there just isn’t a pre-packaged version available.

No need to repeat you lol!

Thanks Miuku,
Your simple explanation answered me lot. I could’t link the Rust Re-Development with this.