Firefox 60.0 ESR

Open a new empty tab; top right there’s a “cog” (a “gear wheel” or “sprocket” – a metal wheel with teeth and a hole in the middle … ); click it; uncheck what you don’t want to see …
[HR][/HR]I’ve noticed that, Firefox Quantum 60 ESR seems to start up faster than the 52.8.0 version …
[HR][/HR]BTW, two “about:config” options I always prefer to change:

  • “browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab” changed to “false”;
  • “gfx.color_management.enablev4” changed to “true”.

to completely disable pocket (which Mozilla seams to have bought) not only in the new home page which is now the new tab page but in the address bar and in the context menu
you’d need to go in about:config find the preference extensions.pocket.enabled and set it to false

Actually, you can, just manage your program links and your Profiles accordingly.

starting Firefox with extra switches and managing multiple profiles can be a pain especially as they’re not backwards compatible an accidental Quantum run will ruin an ESR 52 profile
I know Basilisk is not developed by mozilla but by the PaleMoon team but it does have active developers it’s fully open sourced and the source is available online at github
and I only use it when I need the functionality from one of the addons mozilla killed like Mega or dta! or ScreapBookX the new plugin api is extremely restrictive no addon has access to disk (which might be a good thing) so the new Mega addon needs to download the whole file in RAM decrypt it then pass it on to the browser to be saved this is impossible with larger files so for Mega use I need an xpcom based browser the same is true for scrapbook as an addon can’t save or access data to disk true scrapbooking is impossible on quantum obviously as addons can’t write to disk download managers can’t do their job and all downloads are handled by Firefox you can’t prioritize or manage your downloads so no dta!

For me, it is just:

ff -P "profilename"

and the shell script does all of the rest.

yes but you can’t have both quantum and 52.x installed via rpm so one (let’s say 52.x) will have to be either an tar ball from mozilla (autoupdatable) or an unpacked rpm so I’d rather not play with the profiles and use a 3rd party mozilla browser like Basilisk or PaleMoon or Waterfox or Cyberfox, out of those Basilsik/PaleMoon have a larger dev team and a bit of a history Waterfox and Cyberfox use to be just custom compiles they’re not known for any specific development unlike PaleMoon (Basilisk)

Before tinkering with new versions of Firefox you may want to close Firefox and remove **.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini **Upon starting again Firefox will create a new pristine profile:

karl@hofkirchen:~> ll .mozilla/firefox/
insgesamt 20
drwx------ 20 karl users 4096 19. Mai 07:46 1l7n3igb.default-1473873216433
drwx------ 15 karl users 4096 20. Mai 08:31 4cwsbt1f.default
drwx------  5 karl users 4096 13. Mai 20:50 Crash Reports
drwx------  2 karl users 4096 14. Mai 09:04 Pending Pings
-rw-r--r--  1 karl users  104 19. Mai 07:47 profiles.ini

See also: Recovering important data from an old profile | Firefox Help

I’ve found that Firefox Sync does a pretty good job of backing up your profile to their servers which can then be used on different OS’s and even different Browsers
I know it’s a huge security hole but I’m just too lazy anyway Microsoft does this with Edge and google with Chrome and between the 3 of them only Firefox Sync is open sourced and nobody has found a hole yet

I’ve been using multiple versions and multiple profiles since around the turn of the century, mostly builds.


Note that if you haven’t already done so, make certain you back up your profile before allowing the 60 ESR to install.

I do not know it this is specific to how my system is set up, if it is a one off, or if it is a random thing, but …

When I let it install, it corrupted and wiped out all of my Bookmarks.

… not a big problem for me, the Linux Backup King, as all I had to do was restore from one of my many backups.

But, if not for my backups, Years of Bookmarks were totally obliterated.>:)

BTW: I have reverted to 52.8.0, installed from archive downloaded from Mozilla.

I did not run into that problem. However, I was prepared, just in case.

A convenient way to do so is changing your program starter:

firefox -profilemanager %u

System: Leap 42.3 (all updates installed)

Rather than start a new thread, I am posting here as my issue also concerns Firefox 60.0 ESR.

My Firefox installation last updated this past Friday, June 8th through YaST. (See

Almost immediately thereafter, I began experiencing repeated crashes on a variety of websites (text, video, others). There doesn’t seem to be any pattern other than a page with the message, "Gah! your tab just crashed . . . " and an offer to restore the tab, which doesn’t always remedy the problem. A brief search of the web (and the opensuse forums) didn’t yield anything that either worked or I could use.

I have not made any changes to my system and, having used Firefox (and predecessor Netscape) for well over twenty years without incident, this behavior is quite puzzling.

you really should start a new thread
I’ll just point a few possibilities
a broken profile try firefox with a fresh profile start firefox with the -p switch to create a profile
too little ram I have a system with 4G of RAM and I ocasionaly get that on javascript and media heavy sites
a bad addon, start firefox in safe mode and see if an addon is the culptir

Thanks. I will start a new thread.

With regard to your comments, I have made no changes to my system - none whatsoever (I cannot overemphasize this point). Thus, there must have been a code change in either Firefox or in an update to the OS (Leap 42.3) that is causing this. Nonetheless, thank you for your suggestions.