Firefox 6 and Above, Menu Corruption Using ATI Binary Blob

Hi Folks,

anyone seeing Firefox (version 6 and 7) screen corruption using the ATI binary blob with hardware acceleration enabled ?

N.B Works fine when hardware acceleration is disabled.


Yes, screen is totally messed.
Mozilla has some serious work to do, as for now Chromium simply rocks and uses GPU for almost everything.

On 08/30/2011 09:26 AM, sobrus wrote:
> Mozilla has some serious work to do

seems someone needs to log a bug:

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I’m not using Firefox, just tested beta version of FF6.

GPU support for linux is in early stages of developement, they were working hard to introduce it in version 6.
And it doesn’t work yet on most drivers (oficially), you have to force GPU acceleration manually.

So they probably already know about it.
I would file a bug report if it was considered stable software, or at least if it was supposed to work…

Solved :slight_smile:

Renamed .mozilla to create a new config and hooray the corruption is no longer visible.

Did not have to do this on my other two Nvidia based systems which are identical so I’m a bit puzzled by this one.