firefox 5.0, suse 11.4, kde, flash player bug

On some websites, firefox flickers when it plays videos:

vh1 videos

This one is flickers the worst. It cuts off the edge of the screen and more.

ADHD support website

The progress bar flickers.

Did you see this thread on the subject?

Fix your flash in 11.4 _64 with flash square - Page 2

Now I am using the slightly older flash version, but both videos play just fine for me. It seems that the ability to play back flash videos is affected by (in order):

  1. your flash plugin version

  2. Your codec or multimedia setup

  3. Your video driver/GPU setup

The final result is then some combination of these three items working on you. In my case I am loading the beta 64 bit flash program, my multimedia is fully up-to-date and I am running an nVIDIA video card GTX 560 with the proprietary video driver being loaded. This is not the only combination that works, but not everyone ends up with a working combination and may require extra work to get there.

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The flash update fixed the screen errors. Now, it will skip to the next or previous section in the middle of playing. It will do this many time during.