Firefox 4RC, FlashPLayer, and FarmVille

I have downloaded FireFox 4 RC (wow - fast!) and have a Flashplayer issue - the FarmVille game which uses the FlashPlayer does not load - the message was:

If your game does not load within 10 seconds, you may need to upgrade your version of Flash. Please do so by clicking here

I did just that - usually Adobe website will tell you if your FlashPlayer is already up to date for the browser you access with it, OR, give you the option to update (which I did in my case) - but after updating, it still does not bring FarmVille up, and I get the same message, click the Adobe Link, and offers me to update it again.

Anyone know a workaround - because the new Firefox has the speed like Google Chrome does, and FireFox has been my favorite for years, but I have resorted to using Google Chrome for the past several months due to its speed (I have only 1 MB DSL download speed, and it seems that FarmVille is better with such speed).

I’m using openSUSE 11.4 KDE.

Best Regards,

Well, I did download Firefox 4 for opensuse 11.4 from the repository using YaST, but am still having the same issues as I note in the previous post :frowning:

Is this thread any use to you: Firefox on openSUSE 11.4 plays film clips badly
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