Firefox 4.0.1 Flash 10.2.r159 problems. Who owns this?

Hello Forum! I just upgraded my 11.4 firefox and flash to get rid of an apparent flash problem. Before the packman online upgrade, the event pulldown on yahoo finance didn’t work. It behaves the same after the upgrade. I noticed on this site, I couldn’t click the cursor into the simple search window.

So from openSuse, firefox is third party, adobe is fourth party and yahoo is fifth party. Who owns this problem?

The rest of my system is KDE 4.6.0 on HW 686 - 32 bit. Heboland.

Replying to myself, I went to the flash player forum to file a report, only to find the yahoo dropdown was working when I went to get the URL from the site. Apparently recycling firefox or rebooting must have activated the newly installed flash.

Getting that box to work was really all I wanted.

It would be nice to know where to go for help with so many layers involved, but that will keep until the next problem.

BTW, I still can’t type a subject into the “Search this Forum” without going into Advanced. That will keep also! Heboland

I was trying to insert the cursor into the field ahead of the Search button. The search field is above that with a default of Search…