firefox 3

i downloaded firefox 3. I have it in a folder on my desktop, i unzipped it and install it. If i open it from there it opens but if i use the icon on my desktop opens the old one.

I tried to update firefox from yast but it updates the older version-it cannot change version from 2 to 3.

So the question is how to replace firefox2 with firefox3?
How can I install an already downloaded software by using YAST?

thank you very much


You could first check to see if it has made a separate folder in your .mozzila folder for instances of FF2 and FF3 - thats in your hidden .home folders.

I suggest you add the build service repo of Mozilla:Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.0

Remove all instances of FF from yast
and the one you installed manually

Now, Yast - software Management
filter by repo
go to new Mozilla and check FF

Additional comment: Check your version of Suse. If it’s not 11.0 then vary the repository. Full list for other versions of Suse is here:
Index of /repositories/mozilla
If you have 11.0 then caf4926’s address is correct.

Additionally you can get it with the one-click install here