Firefox 3 Beta 5 - fonts too big

Not sure if this is the new version or if I need to tweak my Firefox font settings, but it seems many webpages render in larger fonts now. Wasn’t this way in 10.3 and Firefox 2.x.

Any suggestions? Looks pretty bad right now.

Edit: Fixed. Goto “about:config” and change the “layout.css.dpi” value to 96 or whatever you like.

I don’t think groups of web pages have altered their font settings across the board.

GoTo default font settings in Firefox. At → Edit → Preferences → Content → Fonts & Colours → Advanced. There set the defaults and some limits as well as to allow pages to override your settings.

Further to that there are your display settings per the video settings in Sax2 in Yast

You can try to hit Alt and - to ajust the fonts.

Thanks for that: I just tried it and it works for me in FF only to a degree. That changes the peripheral stuff like the Bookmarks, History and Menu Bar. But the actual displayed pages don’t change for me. I don’t know why. Does it change much for you in FF 3?

Yes - worked completely for me in Firefox 3 Beta 5. All of the pages that displayed larger before are normal sized now - normal, as in how Firefox 2 displayed them. Make sure your other tabs are closed out before you do this.