firefox 3.6

will firefox 3.6 be made available as an update?
If not is there anything special I need to know before installing it myself i.e. will flash still work?


If you want FF 3.6, I recommend adding the Mozilla repo. Find it here: Additional package repositories - openSUSE

Flash works just fine. I actually removed the version from the repo and manually installed the 10.1 beta for “better” performance.

Thanks, I don’t think I will use the beta flash but I might uninstall java and flash and reinstall them after firefox just in case.

Having added the mozilla repository per the previous post, what do I do next. If I do ‘software management’, and select ‘firefox’, all it does is show me the currently installed version (3.0). I can see the 3.6 rpm in the repos but Yast can’t.
What am I needing to do?
Tuck Hartshorn

Did you look at the version tabs?

No, I missed that one.