Firefox 3.6 broken

Firefox was updated to 3.6 a day or so ago (as I have the mozilla repo added), and it ran the first time, but after a reboot would not even launch.

No error messages or indeed any output when trying to launch it from the command line either.

I downgraded to version 3.5.8 and it now works again.

No problem here.
did you try a new .mozilla with 3.6 before you rolled back?

I got the same problem and did downgrade.
With version 3.6.2 there was no problem but with 3.6.3 firefox is not working any more.
Waiting for an update or version 3.6.4

My guess it’s an incompatible add-on.
It’s not uncommon for some FF extensions to be a little behind the mozilla repo.

Someone mentioned gecko in the other thread discussing this. I use gecko from Packman on one and from redDwarf on another box. No problem at all here.

Name : MozillaFirefox Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : 3.6.3 Vendor: obs://

No, I didn’t really have the patience, it was easier just to rollback cos I wanted to check emails and stuff :D. I’ll leave it for few days and then try again.

There is a safe mode, if that makes any difference.

firefox -safe-mode

A window pops up with some options:

“Disable all add-ons” and choosing “Make changes and restart” disables all plugins when Firefox reopens.

Kind of strange that only some people are having this problem.