Firefox 3.5 doesn't start anymore after update

After updating Firefox 3.5 to version 3.5.0-4.3
it doesn’t start anymore.
I get following message:
Could not find compatible GRE between version and
xulrunner version is

It seems the two are somehow out of sync in the
Index of /repositories/mozilla:/beta/openSUSE_11.1 repository.
Anything I can do except waiting for an update?

Yes, use the stable repo instead uand update FF

yes now that was a real smart and helpful answer! good for you!

i’ve had the same. In file /etc/gre.d/ change PATH to /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b99
It did the work for me.

thank you for the solution, X4lldux.
although, i think it means that firefox will not use the rc version of xulrunner with that PATH, but pre-release version instead.

Thanks X4lldux, you really helped me there :slight_smile:

just remember it’s a temporary solution. this should be fixed by repo maintainers, and then PATH should be replaced to its original value!

I disabled the beta repository, downgraded firefox, removed xulrunner 191 files and then reinstalled from beta repo.
Firefox 3.5 now works fine.


zypper install --force mozilla-xulrunner191

is enough

I also got the “Could not find compatible GRE between version and” today after updating Firefox from mozilla:/beta repo. I deleted everything related to Firefox/Mozilla and then installed the pkgs from mozilla:/Factory/openSUSE_Factory.

I now have Firefox-3.5.0-93.2 and everything is working again.

I had a spare moment in my work schedule so I upgraded from FF 2.18 to FF 3.5. I have a similar problem. FF won’t start, but I’m not getting any messages. Nothing.

I tried an strace, but not knowing the code, and not seeing anything that was a glaring problem :-), I can’t tell. I did notice something interesting with PS -FHU. I see a gconf process start when I start FF by clicking the icon, but it goes away and FF never starts. The cursor changes and spins during this time, but there are no messages.

FF won’t start the profile manager or in safe mode. If I delete my profile, and let FF create a new one it works. Another user on the system had no problems, so it has to be something in my FF configuration that FF 3.5 doesn’t like. HHmm, what could that be? I don’t care about cookies, history, cache, so I made sure all those files were empty.

It’ll be a pain if I have to start with a new profile.
I can import my bookmarks. But the other configuration changes and options will be time consuming. Oh well. I installed using YaST and the repository I’ve used for FF all along,

Any thoughts?