Firefox 3.5.4 + font sub-pixel hinting/anti-aliasing. How?

Heyhey! :slight_smile:

I installed openSUSE 11.2 M5 and added the 11.2 repos and updated everything.
Now, after some struggle I got font sub-pixel anti-aliasing working via some 11.1 repo with a “fixed” freetype2 lib.
The thing is Firefox is not rendering text with sub-pixel anti-aliasing. :frowning:
So text looks rather bad and even annoying on my LCD.

I checked my font settings and the fonts.config file and all seems ok in there so I have no idea why FF is not using it.
Anyone any suggestions?

font-smoothing should be enabled by default afaik.

However, Firefox does allow you manually force it. In the Firefox addressbar (awesomebar) type in “about:config” and hit enter.

Filter it on “” and it will show you “gfx.use_text_smoothing_setting”. Double click it and it will be set to true instead of default so its forced to on.

Thanks for the suggestion. That Firefox setting is rather misleading.
According to Mozilla it has no effect for non Mac users.

I found the solution now though. I needed to (re)install another lib from that repo, cairo :).

For future reference: Index of /subpixel/openSUSE_11.1

Can you try this link and see if it helps? Subpixel Hinting for 11.2- GTK Apps- Solution - openSUSE Forums. FF 3.5 subpixel rendering is working for me now.