Firefox 3.5.3 making all fonts bold

I’ve searched around a little for someone to mention this problem, but I haven’t found anything beyond some Ubuntu solutions. I’m using SUSE 11.1 and just updated the latest Firefox (3.5.3). Now it seems some of my fonts in the browser are all bold. I think perhaps just the ones the browser chooses as a default.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have a similar problem. Some fonts in Firefox 3.5.4 and 3.0.14 are bold while others are just fine. I have been searching the web and have not found any solution yet. If I find a solution I’ll share it here.

As promised. I changed the “Force Fonts DPI” from disabled to 96 DPI and all is well. You can find this setting under Personal Settings->Appearance & Themes->Fonts