Firefox 3.0 questions:

3 questions re Firefox 3.0:

  • I just bought HP 2133 and it has Firefox 2 installed. Can I install Firefox 3? How can I tell if it is compatible?

  • If it is compatible, can I simply download it from Mozilla?

  • The hard question! Assuming I can download it, then how?! Specifically, after I download a …tar.bz2 file, what do I do with it? (I’m sorry for the “silly” question, but it has been 25 years since I used Unix last, and I really don’t remember, especially in the SUSE environment, which is very different from what I used to work with…)


Add the Mozilla repo & update via YaST. find the repo here Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE


hang on, you do not need to fuss with tarballs and compilers…heh, *nix has
come a long way baby…

but, to get a specific answer we need a little more info…like, what version
of SUSE do you have, and what window environment (KDE3, KDE4, Gnome, other)…

the short answer, without more info is: use YaST or zypper, to add the opensuse
build service - Mozilla repository…

for more info on YaST/zypper start at Basic openSuSE concepts:
especially item four…

welcome back…this ain’t your grandpa’s *nix…
ps: you CAN compile if you really wanna, for old time sake…but why??

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