Firefox 3.0.6 broken after "security update" or?

I installed the Mozilla Firefox Security update via the “Updater Applet” today. Now I can’t access my preferences or save links/files. Trying to launch “preferences” open a blank box in firefox.

I also installed KDE4 yesterday and that may have done it too. I am running KDE 3.5 and don’t recall if I saved any files with Mozilla after I added KDE4 but it did wipe out some icons in KDE 3.5 and I have to fix that after I decided KDE4 was not for me and booted back to KDE 3.5

Try going into yast and check update on the firefox package. It will reinstall it. Not sure why this happened but I updated mine and its fine.

I did as you recommended but it is still broken. Don’t know how to deal with this. Anyone else have an Idea or have this problem?

Trying to access “downthem all” as I was trying open any thing. I got this in a popup,

XML Parsing Error:uindefined entity
Line Number 65, Colimn 3:
<toolbar class=“finddiles” chromdir=&local.dir;">

What am I supposed to do for a real browser as it seems Mozilla is not ever going to work again.

This stuff is beyond me I am just a desktop user and stuff is supposed to just work with easily found fixes.

Now it will not even launch
when I attempt it I get this popup. [JavaScript Application] Error launching browser window. no XBL binding for browser
A “security update” should not do this. This is WHY many people ignore security updates. Konqueror is NOT my idea of browser. I installed Opera too but I don’t like the interface.

Looks like all my preferences,cookies and bookmarks are useless now.

Your bookmarks live down in ~/.mozilla directory so you can always
recover a copy from here. Have you tried starting in safe-mode

firefox -safe-mode

BTW I have three machines here that updated firefox, all are working
fine. Maybe it was a combination of your other updates.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I am aware of that hidden directory but If I can not even launch the browser now that does me no good really. As it stands now I can’t even get it to run due to that JAVA error. After a bit I am going to restart my KDE session and see if that changes things at all.

Indeed there was a “lock” of some type from the KDE session. Restarting the KDE session allowed the update to process and firefox launched normally with all features.