Firefox 3.0.1 Preferences>Applications is empty


My firefox applications -section is empty and I can’t add file type associations or edit them.

I googled about half an hour answer to this before posting here, but only found support to other distros which said something that need to install firefox-gnome-support package but my yast doesn’t have it even if there’s about 20 different repos added. So is there similar package to suse or what is the solution?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, I have the same problem. I’m using Suse 10.2 and upgraded Firefox to 3.0.1-2.1, unfortunately.
Only found the same hits about firefox-gnome-support.

Anyone have a fix for this???


I had this problem shortly after I installed 11. I never found a solution and had to reinstall.

You stand a better chance of finding a solution if you ask your question on the mozillaZine Forums

Asked here: Firefox 3.0.1 Preferences>Applications is empty on OpenSUSE • mozillaZine Forums

Not much of a help. I guess I end up trying nightly build or this vanilla -version or smt.

Thanks anyway.

I fix this by enabling plugin finder

go to “about:config” and search
set the value “true”
restart firefox

works for me

My problem was that Edit|Preferences was empty.

I solved it just changing extension “css” to each file on home/actual_user/.mozilla/firefox/directory with strange name/chrome except for those:

Hope it helps!!