Firefox 2 & 3 together

I have installed 11.0 64 bit and everything is working fine. Just that some java based websites will not work with konqueror.

With 10.3 I used to use the 32 bit version of firefox (2) to get round this problem. With 11.0 firefox 32 bit (3) won’t run on a 64 bit install.

Is it possible to have both firefox 3 64 bit and firefox 2 32 bit version both running on a 64 bit 11.0 install?

32 bit version should work if you have necessary compat-libraries installed.

Launch the 32 bit firefox from a command prompt and see what it wants.

I have replaced firefox 3 64bit with the 32bit version (including all the extras needed).

Running from a command window gives the error message:-

Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.0 and 1.9.0.

Does this mean anything to anyone?

Make sure both packages are installed:

Thanks for that but both of these packages are installed.

I then tried installing the 32bit firefox 2 from the legacy repo folder (which deleted firefox 3). This works fine but did add an extra dependancy which I thought would be it! But no luck - as when I re-installed the 32bit version of firefox 3 the same error message came up.

Is it an option to place the portable version of Firefox?

I have not seen a Linux version but there is always WINE. :wink:
Far from ideal, but this way you might be able to keep your system intact up to the point that they get it fixed in the 64 bit version.

It would be cool though if there is enough animo for a portable Linux version of Firefox making this less of a hassle.

Just a thought…

There is an archive post that has made many happy, maybe it also works for openSUSE 11.0

Howto: 64bit Firefox And Flash - openSUSE Forums

Good luck!

An old thread from the archives, it’s referring to FireFox and Flash… but it might help you get your install sorted:

Howto: 64bit Firefox And Flash - openSUSE Forums

Hope that helps,

edit, some extra info on nspluginwrapper ;

Recently I found nspluginwrapper which allows to use 32bit plugins on a 64bit Firefox browser using nspluginwrapper.

It is an Open Source compatibility plugin for Netscape 4 (NPAPI) plugins. That is, it enables you to use plugins on platforms they were not built for. For example, you can following plugin on Linux/x86_64 , NetBSD and FreeBSD platforms:
=> Acrobat Reader (v5.0.9, v7.0.1)
=> DejaVu Libre (v3.5.14)
=> Flash Player (v7.0, v9.0)
=> Linux JPEG 2000 (v0.0.2)
=> Mplayerplug-in (v2.80, v3.25)
=> Real Player (v10.0.5)

Thanks for all the posting with ideas on how to deal with the problem - java working.

In case anyone looks at this posting in the future the answer is to install the 32bit version of seamonkey. This installs without any problems and in the event of a java based website not fully working with konqueror you can use this instead.

I am at a loss to resolve a similar issue. I have the following revs:

I have installed the 32 bit (x586) versions, tried removing the /etc/gre.d/*.conf, I have removed older versions, 64bit versions, reinstalled… nothing seems to get me beyond the dread

Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.0 and 1.9.0.

Is this a hint???
> xulrunner --gre-version
> xulrunner --find-gre

Seeing that, I tried resetting the symlink /etc/alternatives/xulrunner… and
> firefox
Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.0 and 1.9.0.
> xulrunner --find-gre
Cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting.


I am at a loss… Suggestions?


I had the very same problem with xulrunner and managed to solve it. I too had xulrunner and xulrunner-32 bit but that didn’t work. So instead I reinstalled xulrunner (which was 64 bit) and installed it as a 32 bit package (i586 or something like that). That did the trick for me. Hope it works for you too.

Using strace -f -v -v on firefox I noticed

open("/usr/lib/firefox/application.ini", O_RDONLY) = 3

precedes the check of the /etc/gre.d/ contents.

In application.ini, I found


Changing those values to did the trick. firefox started up! Whoo hoo! Further experimenting showed that I only needed to set the MaxVersion value to Which (duh!) makes sense given the xulrunner version I have.

Very frustrating!