Firefox 1st window 1st tab only HTML, no CSS, no pics?!

This is reproducible on both SuSE 11 machines I run, in Gnome, KDE3, and KDE4, with and without NVidia drivers installed: when I open a new Firefox window, my homepage, and every page I open in that tab, will be broken. I submitted a bug to Mozilla ( and tried to submit for SuSE but my login kept taking me in circles.

here’s a screenshot: firefoxbug on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

You don’t tell us what ver. of FF you are using

Check View - Page Style
select - Basic

I noticed you have tor & foxy proxy installed.
They will cause this for some pages and sites even if they haved
displayed correctly before.:wink:

> I noticed you have tor & foxy proxy installed.

without either of those installed here, i see a colorful and banner.jpg adorned opening page in any and all FF tabs…

perhaps your bug report is better directed at one (or both) of those add-on makers…

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yep, turned out it was the tor button. Funny it doesn’t do this on every OS, just SuSE 11. Ubuntu, WinXP, and OS X are fine. Thanks for the back-to-the-basics reminder.