Firefox 11.0 Beta?

I just installed OSS 11.4 yesterday. Right away, Firefox 4.0 beta offers me a download of a tar file for Firefox 11.0 beta, so I saved it in my bin file. Then I look up 11.0 beta around here because I don’t know how to install it, but no one is talking about it.

Then I look up FF help and confused to find so many FF offerings for OSS 11.4 at: Search Results that I don’t know where to begin. I see 4.0 betas all over the place, but there is no offering of 11.0 beta.

For those of you who have dealt with FF 11.0 beta in OSS 11.4, Please tell me if I should install the tar file, save it for later, wait until FF 11.0 beta is in the mozilla repository, or whatever is the wisest plan.

Thanks in advance!

Does it have to be FF 11.0 beta? You could install FF 10 from the updates repository to replace the 4.0 beta which openSUSE 11.4 comes with.

On 02/09/2012 07:46 PM, HealingMindNOS wrote:
> I just installed OSS 11.4 yesterday.

what is OSS 11.4, i’ve never heard of it

but, if you are talking about openSUSE 11.4 then slow down.
if you just installed it yesterday then i guess you might know that it
came out almost one year ago (on March 10th 2011)…so there have been
LOT and LOTs of changes…you should (if you have not yet) enable and
refresh the update repo and run YaST Online Update…if you do that you
will end up with Firefox 10 (not beta) which is the seventy upgrade
since 11.4 was released…

tip: don’t be trying to update firefox or anything else at that search
site because there you might accidentally pick something from (say)
factory, or playground, or unstable, or tumbleweed…

just stick to enabling only oss, non-oss, packman and update and use
YaST Software Management and YaST Online Update–doing it that way and
you will have a much more stable ride.

Read what Distro Watch writes: