fire fox 4

I know that open suse comes with fire fox 4.0 beta 12 I think it is but I want to to be bleeding edge - in terms of having a repository that allows me - when I update - to always have the latest and greatest. I know on ubuntu I had a repo that had me at fire fox 4.2 prea1.

is there any such repo. I saw the open suse ff repo but I dont think thats the one I want. This one got nightly and daily pushes so I was always up to par with he latest and greatest. How ever it was only for ubuntu

Search for the Mozilla packages via Search Results

For the latest and greatest (use at your own risk):

Index of /repositories/mozilla:/alpha/openSUSE_11.4

Forget the openSUSE repos if you want the bleeding edge.

You can download Firefox 5.0a2 from here:

Index of /pub/

and Firefox 6.0a1 here:

Index of /pub/

Once installed you can update from the Help > About menu.

There have been name and structure changes to the way Firefox is being developed and released.

Name Changes for test versions of Firefox • mozillaZine Forums