Fingerprint reader extremely hot


My laptop is Thinkpad X61s.
After letting my laptop on for a while, the entire laptop is getting hot especially the fingerprint reader. My finger feels like “burnt” everytime I touch it. My right palm’s always getting sweat when I put my hand on for a while. When I switch to Windows Vista, the heat disappear dramatically.
I also tried the suggested solution from thinkwiki, but it didn’t seem to help.

Anyone who has experienced with this, please help!

Hi again,

I found out that, the heat probably doesn’t come from the fingerprint reader but the wireless adapter since the wireless adapter is lying under the fingerprint reader and heating up.
I tried to turn off the wireless adapter and there was no heat issue at all. Now another question comes: how can I manage/decrease the heat of the wireless adapter in this case? :wink:

Well maybe there is a problem with module for your wireless adapter causing it to overheat somehow. Try to compile your own module or try using ndiswrapper to install windows xp wireless driver into your linux.