Fingerprint reader and KDE3/KDM


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61, I recently installed openSUSE 11 (it brings preinstalled SLED10).

I am using KDE3 and KDM from KDE3.

How can I make work the fingerprint reader with KDM and the screensaver lock in KDE3?

I went to Yast and enabled the fingerprint reader, then I went to users and configurated my finger with my user but KDM is not reading my finger.

SLED10 with GDM does use the fingerprint reader.

Thank for your help.


I answer my self: Fingerprint reader and KDE3/KDM mini howto - openSUSE Forums

But at the end for now we need to use GDM (Gnome), lamentably KDM do not support fingerprint reader yet.