Fingerprint reader and KDE3/KDM mini howto

First the basic setup:

Go to Yast Under Hardware and Enable the Fingerprint Reader


Use Fingerprint Reader

and then close the window

After doing this we can proceed to the “Security and Users”

where you will enter “User and Group Management”.

Select a User and go to the plug-ins tab where you will see
a plug-in called set user fingerpring.

select “set user fingerprint” then hit launch on the bottom right. This will open a window that will ask you to scan a finger three times.

Once you have finish and closed you will need to do the following.

While you may have heard that there are scripts to make kdm work this is not for the average user.

The Easy way in suse:

Go to the package manager and uninstall kdm then install gdm.

Then you should restart the system, when the login comes up it will be ugly. You will be asked to enter a login name then a password or fingerprint for authentication. Scan your finger if it works step one is complete.

Getting ride of the ugly. Step 2

  1. open Yast and go to the “System”

  2. Select /etc/sysconfig Editor

  3. Then look for “Desktop” and select it.

  4. Then Select “displaymanager”

  5. Go down the list to the first option “displaymanager”

  6. Here you will select your manager gdm (it will be on kdm)

Now your half done this next step is the most important if you don’t complete it anyone that uses your system will be able to login to root with out a password.

  1. Go down the list to “displaymanager_password_less_login”

It will most likely set to yes, you must set it to no.

Then hit finish and restart the beautiful gdm should show

Test your finger print after typing in your user name and if it work your done.

Please let me know when the kdm starts supporting Fingerprint logins.

Here’s a link with more useful info:
Using Fingerprint Authentication - openSUSE

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