Fingerprint authentication


I trying to make working fingerprint authentication in my openSUSE install. There are two main problems which I cannot solve for now:

  1. How to get two factor authentication so either fingerprint and password are required.
  2. How to change pam settings so when I run sudo or su it will ask for my fingerprint.

If this isn’t right place to ask for help in this topic please point my to right place in all official documentation from openSUSE I read I cannot find solution to my problems.

You need to include in your post…

  • The Desktop installed (eg KDE, Gnome)
  • If you have it partially working, describe what you’ve installed and configured to this point.

For now, there are a great many ways to install fingerprint reader support, and any suggestion may not match what you’ve already done.



I manage to setup fingerprint authentication while I login to desktop session. I have Gnome installed.