Finger print driver for thinkpad

My notebook (Lenovo thinkpad sl400c) comes with a finger print sensor. Please guide me how to install fingerprint driver for opensuse 11.4 (gnome/kde)
i opened up yast and when i clicked the fingerprint sensor option, it says that this machine has no finger print sensor.

Please help


I found a site that claimed this device was connected by USB internally and it had the characteristics of: UPEK Touchchip TCS4C - USB 147e:1000

There are a couple of commands to try to look for this info in a terminal session. The short one is:


Or, a more complete usb list while in terminal mode is:

sudo lsusb -v | less

This listing is kind of long and so I am using the app called Less to view it. Just enter a Q to quit the program. Use these commands to find the exact number as I listed in my first message line. Be aware that if I have a match, I could not find any mention of a Linux driver for this USB device. Here is their Web site for this chipset:

Welcome To UPEK - Support - Downloads

And, I was able to find this info from looking here:

Integrated Fingerprint Reader - ThinkWiki

So, if this is true, its not good news for this one device. Drivers as it were in Linux come from the kernel and you could update your kernel clear to version 3.0.1 today (openSUSE uses kernel 2.6.37), but I have found no evidence this would be helpful to you right now.

Thank You,