fine things in small box

Please explain this surprise:
A small Sempron system, 1gig ram, ati 128 x300. Plopped in the suse rc1 live disk, runs perfect, 3d, fonts, colors, net, wireless, the real deal. A kids game system, the kids run this toy system into the floor, and it works!
Then, my system, amd 64, 3gig ram, nvidia Gt7300 256ram pcie 16, a real mess, so what happened? :wink:

Think smaller in future. :slight_smile: Actually too much bleeding edge hardware. Usually video cards, and wireless NICs (but also some wired NICs) bring grief.

Hi there,

Are you saying the you can’t get Suse to run at all on the second system or is it giving you some grief? What exactly are you having trouble with?


Just dropped in the cd and like magic everything worked on the Sempron. That’s what users want :slight_smile: On the amd system, hassle with fonts, a mess with Nvidia, used the mesa drivers, no effects, something about xcomposite. On and on :wink:

I’d suggest either trying the 11.0, or waiting until 11.1 is finalized. Even though it’s a release candidate and it mostly works, you won’t quite get the same effect as the finished, polished product :slight_smile: