Finding broken package

What package is used within openSUSE to fine or locate a broken file or package?

I´ve just completed an image of my laptop which has Windows 8.1 dual booted with openSUSE 12.3 - and Clonezilla is indicating a broken image of my openSUSE / partition and the /home partition can´t be found but indicating an Input/Output error in /usr/sbin/ocs-sr: line 1076.

I used Clonezilla-live-20140915-Trusty-AMD64 from an CD.

Would appreciate some assistance with this one.

Have no idea what a broken package is and in any case why would Clonezilla care??? It only does binary copies. Maybe it is a bad sector or a messed up file system? For the files system use fsck ( note the file system must not be mounted to attempt to fix. For Bad sector use smartctl