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Fairly new to Linux. I tried ubuntu, but the wife didn’t like it. OpenSuse 11.1 is working well so far, but finding apps seems to be much harder than on ubuntu. The ‘Install Software’ is not as easy to find apps as Synaptic.

  1. Is there an easy way to find apps?
  2. Is there a list of highly recommended or ‘must have’ apps?


I’m guessing you use Gnome.

In Yast - Software - Software Management
Filter by Package Groups

That should help.

If you already have your graphics and multi-media working properly, then you probably have the important stuff.

The Packman repository holds a huge selection of apps. And the above mentioned method should help you find stuff to install.

Problems finding software ? try here Webpin


You can also use the YaST Webpin interface with this command:

/sbin/yast2 webpin_package_search

openSUSE Lizards » Webpin search in YaST for openSUSE 11.1

Further to what caf4926 noted, the Packman repository of 3rd party packaged rpms is great, and it has a superb search function.

Go here: PackMan :: website and take a look at the “search” tab on that page (there are a home, updates, package, search, help, sponsors tab). If you select the “search” you can select “package name and description” and type in a key word for the description, and often find some neat applications.

Another thing to do is go to Linux Softpedia Latest Linux Downloads - Softpedia They have many application categories for Linux listed on the left. Once you find an application that you like, then it can be useful to see if someone has been kind enough to package it for openSUSE. So make a note of the “linux” name, and then take that name and go to the webpin site that deltaflyer44 refered you to Webpin , do a search under webpin, and often some user will have packaged that application already.

If not, then many times it is a simple matter to custom compile (although one needs to expand their Linux knowledge to that of an average user to do such compilation).

Thanks. I’ll try it out. I am using KDE because my wife didn’t like ubuntu. I thought that she might like KDE better. Will the procedures be the same?

I’m using KDE-3.5.10 on openSUSE-11.1 and thats the methodology I follow for finding applications.

If you’re using KDE, you can click on the kickoff icon (lower left gecko icon) and you’ll see all the applications and utilities broken down in sections. You can also type a search query into the search field at the top of the kickoff menu.

Here are some basic openSUSE concepts that may also help acquire familiarity with openSUSE:
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The following 2 are also helpful in the case that one wants to migrate from M$-win to Linux.
Currently, the only time that I have to run win is video chatting with my friends using MSN messenger.
Have fun with Linux.

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