FInd packages not managed by zypper

I just upgraded from 11.0 to 11.2 via the DVD. After the update, I’m noticing some conflicts (specifically with kstartupconfig4 and Nessus installed directly via RPM on the old system, outside of Zypper). This leads me to believe that Zypper is not totally in sync with all of the RPMs installed on the machine.

Is there any way to get Zypper to query the complete RPM db, and list any packages it doesn’t know about?


zypper queries the rpm database. The packages in question are not maintained by openSUSE and could not be updated in the DVD installation. You can look for them in the openSUSE Build Service, or try downloading the updated versions to a local repo. To create a local repo, open a terminal and, as su,

zypper ar -ft plaindir /path/to/localrepo <alias>
zypper ref

You should probably remove kstartupconfig4 and Nessus first and do a new install. This assumes there are updates for oS 11.2.