Find installed bluetooth version

Struggling with bluetooth headphones. Returned one pair as couldn’t get working and looking at another pair that will be looking for bluetooth v 5. I assume that means > v 5.

The yast installed “bluez” says version 5.55 in software management. Is that the bluetooth version or bluez version?

None of the installed bluetooth executibles under “bluez” or “bluez-tools” recognize a -v or --version as a valid option. So no version info from them.

Where to find bluetooth version?

thanks, tom kosvic

They are talking about the bluetooth adapter hardware and supported info (UUID) not software… Check the output from bluetoothctl, for example;

bluetoothctl version
Version 5.55

bluetoothctl list
bluetoothctl show XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

bluetoothctl list

Controller B8:81:98:BD:A4:51 big-bird
bluetoothctl show B8:81:98:BD:A4:51
Controller B8:81:98:BD:A4:51 (public)
	Name: big-bird
	Alias: big-bird
	Class: 0x007c010c
	Powered: yes
	Discoverable: yes