finally installed suse-11.1 in 845 mobo desktop!!!

after a lot of troubles i was able to install with init 2 runlevel /sbin/yast2 live-installer.

some problems still are present
surprised to see there is no installable x server in suse-11.1

see the error message in this shot

any change possible?
i cannot get any screen resolution change.


this utility will let you resize the screen

it’s in your kmenu under system/desktop applets

or you can start it for konsole

this gives the same result as shown in snapshot above.
thinking of downgrading Xserver
with this default monitor /xserver i cannot use kde4 desktop effects.
no fun using dumb monitor .
sax2 shows 3d is enabled.
how do i disable it?
i have a simple crt monitor . it can never show 3d
845 mobo has basic display drive chip.

make sure your monitors defaut resolution is set

use the krandrtray to change resolution