This is a question for the cracks i think.

Now you pretty much use ext4 as the standard filesystem, but i wonder if others a better for certain tasks.
Like for boot, video’s or pictures.

Do you all use just ext4 or do you mix it or have a complete different filesystem running.
Currently i use ReiserFS which is ok. Perhaps we can have some exchange? :wink:

Reiserfs has a shrinking user and support base, I would not recommend it for new installs. Other than ext4, you could try xfs. There are lots of articles out there comparing filesystems. Only problem is they all reach somewhat different conclusions depending on what the questions asked are. You have to judge for yourself.

thats whats confusing me.
i will give xfs a try. :slight_smile:

for best compatibility with openSUSE I would say stay with ext4 or ext3 if your hardware shows poorer performance with ext4. xfs is journaled in a way that may give you grief under openSUSE. Ext4 handles files up to 16GB easily without any performance loss which is ideal for your video, audio, and most databases.