Filesystem errors after install

I’m a long-time Mandriva user who’s looking to make the switch over to OpenSuse for the 11.2 release. So I’ve been trying out RC1 to see how it is. I’ve had a bit of a rough start though.

I installed the 11.2 RC1 onto a USB hard drive attached to my laptop and came across 2 problems that took me a while to figure out:

  1. The USB drive was set as the first boot device in the laptop’s BIOS (actual hard drive containing my Mandriva install was 2nd). I told the Opensuse installer to put its bootloader onto the 'MBR" of the USB drive (so it didn’t overwrite the bootloader for Mandriva). This caused the problem that when booting from the USB drive the USB drive is seen as (hd0) in grub, whereas the OpenSuse installation wrote the menu.lst to specify it has (hd1).

  2. On first boot the ext4 root filesystem was damaged and had become read-only (which caused all the networking etc. setup to fail). I had to boot into the Mandriva install and use its fsck.ext4 to repair.

I realise this is only a release candidate, but is it worth filing bug reports on this?