Files showing as applications / desktop configuration files

I’m using Opensuse 13.1 KDE. At some point loads of my files started showing as applications in Dolphin. In fact any file that’s not a a standard type like an odt or a pdf seems to show as an application. If I look at the file properties, the Type is desktop configuration file, although the contents is plain text document. Every time I want to open the file I have to explicitly open it with Kate. If I double click on the file eg build.sbt I get

The desktop entry file /…/build.sbt has no Type=…entry

I can find no entries under file associations that correspond to this. If I boot into my Mint 16 KDE installation which accesses the same data partition, the files show up as text files as expected and can be opened in the normal way.

Any help greatly appreciated.

The file associations are stored in ~/.local/share/applications/. Does it work if you rename that directory (so it isn’t found)?
You may have to run “kbuildsycoca4” in a terminal window for the change to take effect.

OK I renamed the applications directory to applicationns1, but it doesn’t work any different. When I run kbuildsycoca4 in terminal as normal user I get:

kbuildsycoca4 running…
kbuildsycoca4(2465) parseLayoutNode: The menu spec file contains a Layout or DefaultLayout tag without the mandatory Merge tag inside. Please fix your file.

I have rebooted as well.

Hm. Try to rename the whole ~/.local directory then.
Or try as a new user.

Btw, those messages are “normal”, nothing to worry about.