Files missing in debian packages

Hi there,
I have troubles with debian 7.0 packages on OBS.
I’m trying to build packages for debian 7.0 [1]. For one of the packages (libvishnu), I would like to include all files installed in tmp/debian/usr/lib.

The content of debian.libvishnu.install:

However, when the building is completed, some packages are missing within the resulting debian packages [2].

For instance, with dpkg-deb --contents libvishnu_3.2.0_i386.deb, you can see that the file usr/lib/ is missing. Yet, if you look at the log file [3], the file has been installed in tmp/debian/usr/lib.

So, perhaps I missed something, something is wrong in my configuration?

I would note that I rebuild the package several times, with the same result.


Thanks in advance