Files/directories disappearing and reappearing

I’m on a pretty fresh install of Tumbleweed, about a month old. I set everything up and installed some programs, and a few days later they were gone. There was nothing at all in my /usr/local/ directory. Then things came back, and now it sort of goes back and forth every few days. I just lost everything again today and I can’t figure it out. I switched to another tty, and files were there, and now that I try that again they’re gone there too. Doesn’t matter if I’m root or not. What could I have done? And where should I be looking for a solution?

It’s pretty funny right? Empty directories every once in a while, then they come back…it’s like the computer has mood…

I believe it’s a infamous bug here. Open a terminal, and type:

mount -a

If it restores files, then check it out how to proceed =>

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So, what you are saying that files in /usr/local/bin are disappearing and appearing.

Following @awerlang’s suggestion, is /usr, /usr/local or /usr/local/bin on a separate file system?

On a fresh TW install, /usr/local is a separate subvolume by default, OP can verify that with cat /etc/fstab.

That’s also on older TW installs with btrfs.