"Files" app from 13.1 is no longer loading after upgrade to 13.2

I am using Gnome and just upgraded to Suse 13.2.

I used to use “Files” as my file manager in 13.1…but it looks as though I have an app called “Files” but when I click on it, nothing happens.

Any thoughts?


Don’t use gnome so just a guess. If it is an upgrade then maybe that program is no longer installed by default. Check the repos you may have to install manually and the fact that is shows is just left over stuff from the previous version.

You’re probably seeing this bug:

I.e. if you set nautilus to manage your desktop (show the content of the ~/Desktop folder on the desktop), it cannot be run manually any more.
A workaround should be to turn off “Icons on Desktop” in gnome-tweak-tool.

The bug report points to supposedly fixed packages if you want to try them, I’m sure there will be an official update soon as well.

I had the same problem on 13.2
It worked to disable Icons on Desktop from Tweak Tool as said by wolfi323.

Thanks. I think I will wait for an official update. They pushed something out today. I had to restart for the update to BE installed which is a new procedure with 13.2 (I believe)…


No they didn’t.
At least if you mean the openSUSE maintenance team with “They”.

The update that should fix this has been submitted yesterday, and it usually takes a week until an update is released. (unless it is a critical security fix… :wink: )

I had to restart for the update to BE installed which is a new procedure with 13.2 (I believe)…

Does GNOME already use Offline updates? I.e. updates that are installed when you shutdown.
I thought they are still disabled… :open_mouth:

Let me rephrase: The OPENSUSE maintenance team pushed out “A” update today for something but it wasn’t addressing my bug.

Good day.


No, they didn’t.
The newest files in the update repo are dated Nov. 6th…

Have a look yourself: